Judge Lisa Greif is striving to help those with mental illness get the assistance and guidance they need, through the court systems

Help her continue her work by reelecting Lisa Greif in 2020!


Education and experience with a clear focus on mental health, youth and rehabilitation, Lisa Greif is the right choice in 2020.

Lisa Greif was elected to the Jackson County Circuit Court in November 2008 and assumed her position on the bench in January 2009. She has presided over a variety of caseloads including juvenile, domestic relations, criminal, landlord tenant, stalking and protective orders, and probate.

Lisa was a Community Family Court judge for 10 years and also started Jackson County’s first Mental Health Court in 2015. She created Jackson County’s Aid & Assist docket in 2019 and continues to oversee this docket that determines the most appropriate outcomes for individuals who are charged with criminal offenses when they are not competent to aid in their own defense

Making a difference in Jackson County

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Serving our Community

It has been an honor to hold the position of Circuit Court Judge since 2009. I have presided over a variety of caseloads including criminal, juvenile, domestic relations, stalking & restraining orders, landlord tenant disputes, and probate, which includes wills, trusts, guardianships, and conservatorships. My experience has shown me where our court system has had gaps. In 2015 I founded Jackson County’s Mental Health Court and I served as a Community Family Court Judge for 10 years. I currently manage a criminal docket and handle cases ranging from traffic violations to murders.

I have dedicated myself to ensuring that our courts help protect children and families. I believe that when the courts can guide people who suffer from mental illness and those struggling with substance use disorders, we are helping the entire community.

I have served on numerous non-profit boards and have spent countless hours as a volunteer in our community. I am proud to have been a leader on statewide committees working on behavioral health, child welfare, and juvenile justice issues.
I created Jackson County’s Aid and Assist docket in 2019, in response to the increasing number of defendants who were not competent to stand trial in their criminal cases. I have worked to reduce the amount of time those with mental illness spend in custody and I have collaborated with community partners to find humane and appropriate responses for those struggling with behavioral health issues.

I am a native Oregonian and have lived in Jackson County since 1998. I understand the issues that are important to our County and will continue to work hard to promote access to justice. My experience will continue to deliver fair and equitable judicial proceedings and best practices in our court. I am a strong believer in the rights of crime victims and believe these can be honored while at the same time safeguarding the constitutional protections of defendants. I would appreciate your vote and thank you for the opportunity to continue to serve Jackson County.


Highlights of Lisa's accomplishments and community involvement

• Circuit Court Judge since 2009
• Founder and presiding judge of Jackson County’s Mental Health Court
• Creator and overseer of Jackson County’s Aid and Assist Docket
• Oregon Judicial Department Security and Emergency Preparedness Advisory Committee Member
• Oregon Judicial Department Behavioral Health Advisory Committee Member
• Local Public Safety Coordinating Council Mental Health Task Force Subcommittee Member
• Chief Justice’s Juvenile Court Champion Award 2011
• Past Board Member at Southern Oregon Humane Society, La Clinica, Family Nurturing Center, and Oregon Women Lawyers
• Past President of Jackson County Bar Association, Rogue Women Lawyers, and Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
• Past Co-Chair of the Oregon Judicial Department Juvenile Justice Mental Health Task Force
• Past volunteer at Southern Oregon Stand Down, Project Community Connect, High School Mock Trial Competition, and Phoenix/Talent Little League